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Zhouyi day: Tianxing Jian, the gentleman is striving for self-improvement, the land is Kun, and the gentleman carries virtue with virtue. He is sincere, self-cultivation, governing the country and leveling the world; he advocates employees to be good hearted, speak good words and do good deeds. Life is self - standing, Buddhism is self - seeking, self - happiness, family harmony, harmony between people and respect, social harmony and world peace.

Forestry enterprises give their employees the first method of dealing with the world, pay attention to human relations: father and son are related, the order of age, couples are different, the monarch and minister are righteous, friends are trustworthy. Adhere to the five constant (benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, trust) invariable and unchanging truth. The dimensional order of four dimensions of long term stability (ceremony, righteousness, integrity, shame, shame). The code of conduct for Xiao Chunobu and the peace of love.

The whole company set lofty goals: to be dedicated to the heaven and earth, to make a living for the people, to go to the holy school and to open peace for all ages. Efforts should be made to create a pure and pure human environment. To cultivate the core values of staff: Kong Meng, benevolence, loyalty, loyalty, Mahayana, sincerity, compassion, the belief in the nature of the Taoism, the relationship between heaven and earth, the so-called day: the tree desires quiet and the wind is more than, the son wants to keep and not to wait! This is the essence of the truth of the Chinese nation - filial piety. And encourage employees to learn all kinds of knowledge in many respects and widely, and earnestly ask people, think carefully, clearly distinguish right from wrong, and earnestly implement it sincerely.

In the interior, forest companies vigorously carry out the traditional cultural activities such as disciples and rules, and continue to communicate with customers with this idea, and get the approval and support of the internal staff and the wide customers. - insisting on carrying forward the Chinese traditional culture, cultivating employees to be moral people, family harmony and social harmony. Only when we talk about happiness can we have lofty wisdom and lofty character.

We want to be an enterprise with social ethics. All of us are committed to striving for the dream of the Chinese nation's excellent brand.

Forest enterprises are national, and will be bound to the world!

Service concept: to maintain the company's brand image as the highest concept. To be a good helper in upgrading and transformation of enterprises, and strive to save manpower, low cost and excellent quality.

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