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Manufacturers of burrs brief analysis of operation points for freezing burrs

Source: de million machineryAuthor: Network Department browse: date:2018-04-19 15:04:39

With the use of frozen wool edge machine is becoming more and more extensive, the demand is also growing, then in the use of frozen wool edge machine, what operational considerations?

1, please use the protective earplug when you continue to use the freezing burring machine.

2, take more care when the bit is taken.

3, carefully check whether the drill has cracks or damage before operation. If there is any crack or damage in the freezing burr machine, replace the drill with crack or damage immediately.

4, to avoid cutting fingers, confirm before operation and recover all fingers from the workpiece.

5, hold the tool tightly.

6. Keep your hand away from the rotating parts.

7. Before closing the trimmer swich, make sure that the drill has not been contacted with the workpiece.

8, before using the cold burring machine to work the workpiece, let it idle for a while.

9, pay attention to the rotation direction and feed direction of the bit for the freezing trimming machine.

10, do not allow the freezer to rotate on its own. When the tool is in the hand, the tool can be activated.

11, first close the cold freezer and wait until the bit stops completely before removing the trimming machine from the workpiece.

12, do not contact the drill immediately after processing, so that the drill may be very hot and burn the skin.

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