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Brief analysis of main process and efficacy characteristics of freezing burring machine

Source: de million machineryAuthor: Network Department browse: date:2018-04-19 15:06:13

The freezer is mainly used to replace the handwork on the rubber molding parts, precision injection molding and die casting products to remove the hair edge treatment. At present, the application is more extensive. How is its process and efficiency characteristics?

1, the frozen wool edge machine is easy to operate, the ordinary workers can operate the machine after half an hour training. The advanced automatic control system can prevent the misoperation and eliminate the hidden danger of safety.

2. High production efficiency, the average daily amount of a frozen trimmer equivalent to 50-80 skilled workers to repair the cloak workload.

3, frozen wool edge machine is suitable for processing high precision products, high precision trimming, can remove very small and concealed hair edge, and is not restricted by product shape, high qualification rate, stable edge repair quality, the qualified rate of finished product remains above 98%.

4. Removable structure is complex, any shape of small rubber-plastic, polyurethane products and magnesium, zinc alloy and magnesium alloy castings flying edge.

5. Frozen edger will not damage the surface of products, and can improve the appearance of your products, increase the service life of alloy products.

6, less land, a cold trimming machine plus ancillary equipment only 10 square meters, can save your valuable plant area.

7, the freezing burr machine can enhance the corporate image and product competitiveness.

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