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Five systems introduction to freezer

Source: de million machineryAuthor: Network Department browse: date:2018-04-19 15:28:01

The frozen burring machine manufacturer will give you a brief introduction to the five systems of the freezing burr machine, hoping to help you!

1, frozen hair edge machine injection system: under the embrittlement temperature of the product flying edge, the ejection system carries on the processing to the products, uses the frozen particles to beat the products, because the frozen particles are small and elastic, so the surface of the products will not be damaged after the flying edge is removed, and the products are also polished at some time.

2, cooling system: control the cooling temperature of the working chamber, make the temperature control the embrittlement of the product flying edge while the product itself is not embrittlement at the best temperature, the refrigerant is liquid nitrogen.

3, the frozen hair edge machine put into the extraction system: after the removal of the products flying edge, the equipment can be intelligent prompt processing completion, using one key operation form, can be quickly removed and put into products, simple operation;

4. Screening system: in the process of removing the flying edge of the product, the frozen particles enter the sieving system with the big fly edge and the powder fly side. The screening system will distinguish the big fly edge, the powder fly edge and the frozen particle, the big fly edge and the powder fly side into the special flying edge bag, which can be recycled, and the frozen particles continue to be put into use to remove the flying edge of the products. ;

5, freezer circulation system: the circulation system can make the frozen particles enter the ejection system again, so that the circulation system can be used, and the whole particle ejection circulation system can run steadily, ensure the pressure balance inside the equipment, make the equipment run smoothly and smoothly.

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