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How to correctly grasp the actual operation method of burring machine?

Source: de million machineryAuthor: Network Department browse: date:2018-04-19 15:32:30

How to correctly grasp the actual operation method of burrs? Of course, there are certain technical requirements, the following, professional edge machine manufacturers to introduce you about the actual operation of the edge machine method:

1. Connect the filled liquid nitrogen cylinder with the connecting pipe of the equipment. Open the valve to check whether the pipeline is leaking. Turn on the power supply. The power indicator light is on.

2, push the arc door open, press the "point movement" button, roll the drum to the drum cover, take the lever and drum cover, load the product to be repaired, add the proper amount of steel ball, cover the drum cover, press the lever, and pull the arc door in place.

3, setting the working temperature of the freezer, the rotating speed and the length of the roller, the liquid nitrogen supply and the timing switch are adjusted automatically, and the "start" button is pressed. The drum begins to rotate 5 / second, the liquid nitrogen begins to supply automatically, and the roller begins to cool down.

4, when the temperature of the hair edge machine drops to the set temperature, the roller rotates quickly, and the temperature control instrument controls the supply and cutting of the liquid nitrogen. To the set working time, the switch is automatically cut off and the roller is stopped to turn.

5, push open the arc door, take down the lever and drum cover, press the "point move" switch, wait for the product and the steel bead all fall into the screen, press the "screening" button, separate the product and steel ball, load the product into the designated container, and do the cleaning and dry.

6, in order to avoid liquidnitrogen waste, after the product is removed, it will load the product to be repaired in time and carry out the next work cycle.

7. Clean and clean the edge machine after use, pay attention to the sound of equipment operation is abnormal, regularly refueling the wetting parts of the equipment.

8. The burring machine should be operated by a special person. If there is an unusual situation, please repair it by professional personnel and not disassemble it privately.

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