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How does the freeze wool machine trim the acrylic? What are the advantages of the trimming?

Source: de million machineryAuthor: Network Department browse: date:2018-05-05 11:13:37

The acrylic freezer is different from the rubber trimming machine. It is a kind of woodworking trimming machine. It is a special auxiliary equipment for the later processing of acrylic. It is widely used for drawing words and absorbing the edge of the lamp box. What are the main advantages of the freezer by changing the corresponding bearing to the width of the reserved side?

1. the freezing burr machine has high machining accuracy, stable speed and quick and convenient tool change.

2. wide range of applications, processing any irregular graphics products.

3. the Cryo burring machine is a special auxiliary equipment for later processing of acrylic characters.

4. acrylic width can be adjusted arbitrarily, flexibility is high.

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