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Brief analysis of the correct operation procedure of the crawler burr machine by the burring machine

Source: de million machineryAuthor: Network Department browse: date:2018-05-08 08:49:45

A caterpillar edge processor is a simple, unoccupied hair edge processor. It is often used to remove the edges of the thermoset material such as the wood, alloy, ABS, PPS and other thermosetting plastics. How about the operating procedure of the crawler edge Processor? Hair edge machine manufacturer de million for you:

1. start the power supply and light the lights. Open the crawler type burrs.

2. adjust the projecting pressure, projecting time and the time of roll casting and alarm.

3. turn on the blower, the positive and negative rotation of the belt, and the elimination of the electrostatic fluid.

4. adjust the static liquid spraying and stopping time according to the degree of wetting and drying.

5. after processing, the front door of the crawler type handler will be flapped several times, so that the beads can be shaken down as the principle.

6. turn on the front door, reverse the material, or use the special tool to remove the product and close the door.

The above is the operation procedure of the caterpillar edge processor. In use, we should fully master these methods and methods, maximize the advantages of the equipment and improve the production efficiency.

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